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What causes low immunity? What causes low immunity? 

What causes low immunity? What causes low immunity? 5 causes of decreased immunity.

What causes low immunity? Why is the landscape low? Anyone who feels like they are easily sick or experience abnormalities in their body It may be because our immunity against disease has decreased. What are the 5 causes of immunity? So that we can change our lifestyle habits. Let’s go check at ทางเข้า ufabet

Increase immunity to prevent falling.

Even though our lifestyle has many risk factors that may cause the immune system to decline But we can strengthen our immune system. By getting enough sleep Find activities to relieve stress. Always exercise including eating good food Get all 5 groups of nutrients and don’t forget to look for things that help boost your immune system, such as vitamins and minerals. Let’s have enough too.

Risk of influenza: The lower your immune system, The more easily the influenza virus enters the body. In addition to causing us to have an uncontrollable fever, body aches, dry cough, and sore throat, it can cause complications that can even lead to death!

Risk of allergies: when exposed to both dust and pollution every day It may cause the body’s immune system to become weak. Until I couldn’t stand it, itchy, irritated, and my nose was running all the time.

Risk of low immunity: Another hot disease of the lifestyle of working people who are prone to stress. Causes frequent colds simple or chronic diarrhea Frequent fungal infections on the skin Rashes appear easily, especially when under heavy stress.

What causes low immunity?

1. Lack of nutrients

     Eating food that is not healthy No nutrients such as junk food and processed foods. Contributes to low immunity Because our body needs adequate protein, fiber, omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, calcium, selenium and zinc to help strengthen the immune system. We should also eat vegetables, fruits, foods that contain fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics as well. Because having good gut health is important to our strong immune system.

2. Not exercising

     If we don’t exercise much or exercise less than 3 days per week It may cause our immune system to not work well and be easily at risk of infection. By exercising regularly, it will help us sleep better. Helps adjust mood, reduce stress, and increase blood circulation. All of which contribute to making our body’s immune system strong.

3. Stress

     Stress is another factor that causes low immunity. And if stress accumulates, it may put you at risk for many diseases. Increased levels of stress hormones can suppress the immune system. This weakens the fight against infection. and increase inflammation in the body

4. Lack of sleep, not getting enough sleep.

     Lack of sleep and lack of sleep contribute to a decrease in our body’s immunity. Because not getting enough sleep will prevent the creation of white blood cells. These white blood cells are considered important for the immune system in the body. Can help fight germs.

5. Drink alcohol and smoke.

     People who drink heavily or smoke heavily May risk making you sick often Because immunity is reduced In particular, smoking is linked to cancer. Additionally, drinking alcohol and smoking can interfere with the immune system. cause inflammation and suppress the immune system throughout our body as well