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Christian Eriksen Hope to return to football in England

Danish national team midfielder Christian Eriksen Hope to return to football in England again after being denied playing in Italy.

         The 29-year-old star had a heart problem at Euro 2020 that made headlines in the middle of last year. Although the agent confirmed that now referred to in good condition with the field again. But for medical reasons in Italy, he was not allowed to enter the field in the boots.

         Earlier in the day, Inter Milan were rumored to be looking to release Eriksen from the team for the player’s opportunity to play. A return to England may be an option if specific tests can be passed.

         “Regarding Christian Eriksen playing in England, it is impossible to comment on his personal situation without knowledge of his condition and the risks involved,” an FA spokesman said. told PA News Agency.

         “As always Any assessment will be based on a person’s personality.”

Six days later the former Tottenham midfielder was fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. A type of pacemaker, which prevents him from being able to play in Italy.

There, athletes are not allowed to compete with a heart defibrillator implanted. As per the Cardiological Organisational Committee for Sports Fitness protocol, last updated in 2017.

While nothing has been decided by Inter or Eriksen over his future. If the Danish international does want to return to action. He looks set to have to join a league where he can play with an ICD. Which is also the case for Ajax defender Daley Blind, and the Premier League could be an option.