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Let’s see! PSG are serious about the pursuit of Messi.

Let’s wait and see! PSG are serious about the pursuit of “Messi” this summer. Paris Saint-Germain The French Ligue 1 giants are reportedly preparing to make an offer for Lionel Messi , the Argentine national team striker. Shin became useless under the contract with Barcelona.

striker, 34, is trying to move away from Barcelona last summer past. After having problems with the club board, but with the terms of the contract, he had to stay with the team Plus, recently referred to as a free-agent player after his contract with the team expired on June 30, the

way Barcelona have negotiated an extension of the football contract for another 2 years. But still have problems in The matter of finding more than 170 million pounds in wages referred to as PSG. Who are ready in terms of funding, try to make an offer to cut off immediately.

The media revealed that Paris Saint-Germain. with a large sum of money in the terms of the contract. Plus there are many interesting benefits. That will make Lionel Messi interested in moving to football with the team this summer.

However, now The best shooting star of the Argentina national team Still on a mission to serve the nation in the Copa South America 2021 football tournament in Brazil.