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Media claims Madrid contacted Alvarez agent.

Argentine media sports reports that. Real Madrid has contacted Julian Alvarez representatives to inquire. About his interest in a future move to the Whites.

Argentine radio station ‘Radio Continental’ reported on Thursday that. Real Madrid has contacted Julián Alvarez’s agent, Joseph Maria Mingueya, to inquire about his interest in a move. Come to play football with the white team.

Alvarez moved from River Plate to play for Manchester City in the summer of 2022. The Argentinian striker has performed excellently. Even if the role is only a reserve. And helped the sailboat team win the triple championship last season UFABET 

According to previous reports. Barcelona are interested in signing Alvarez as a long-term replacement for Robert Lewandowski. But the club’s financial problems make this difficult. For the Azulgrana team to grab the Argentinian striker to strengthen the team. 

A recent report from ‘Radio Continental’ claims that. Real Madrid have been in contact with Mingueya, Alvarez’s agent. To gauge the 23-year-old striker’s interest in a future move to the Whites. How much is there? 

However, Manchester City are not concerned by the reports as Alvarez is still under contract with City until 2028 and the Argentinian striker still has a role for Pep Gua’s side. Guardiola this season even more after Kevin De Bruyne’s injury.