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Ole backs “Rash” to shoot penalty.

Ole backs “Rash” to shoot penalty. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manager of the Manchester United team, borrowed the idea from the Chinese Internal Forces about poisoning. It must be detoxified with poison. So, in the case of Marcus Rashford’s blindness. The only way to fix it is to avoid it. You have to keep your head down and shoot regularly to regain your confidence.

england national team just lost a penalty to italian national team In the final of Euro 2020 . That making a winner the first time in 55 years, unfortunately the Ranch Ford , J. Don Sancho and Abu Cayo Osaka is 3rd Shin shot missed and hit a fan in part. They got threaten social media more star players ‘ red Devils ‘ are powerbomb into a wall with graffiti art.    

Brings encouragement by many football personnel, one of which is ‘ OGS ‘ because they have experienced blind penalties as well during their career. Therefore, I want to pass on the secrets of being a person who takes a hot bath first.