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Simone Inzaghi praised his players for playing better

Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi praised his players for playing better in the second half before their 3-1 win over Verona.

Inter started the first half badly, with Verona leading first, but in the second half came three goals from Lautaro Martinez and new striker Joaquin Correa coming off the bench, scoring 2 goals to lead the team to 3 wins. -1 makes 6 points from the first 2 matches

Inzaghi said after the game that “It was a difficult victory because we started well in the first 15 minutes but then conceded goals and got into trouble throughout the first half.”

“We are not resolute and make wrong decisions. Including not moving to find space, but Verona also had a very good first half.”

“We had to adjust the game at half-time. We did well to equalize quickly from Lautaro Martinez and the substitutes added a few extras that we needed at the time.

“It’s an important win because I’ve been telling my players all week that this will not be an easy game as Inter struggled at home and away from Verona last season, they were very aggressive. And we did a good job taking home the win.”