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UEFA charges FA over fans’ disturbance in Euro final

UEFA charges FA over fans’ disturbance in Euro final. UEFA has charged the English Football Association over four incidents during the Euro 2020 final at Wembley on Sunday.

    The Azzurri partisan defeated the Roaring Lion Army. during the penalty shootout After a 1-1 draw, this game was full of problems. Hundreds of unticketed fans break the wall. and break through the security guards into the field

    Even the son of Italy coach Roberto Mancini has revealed that his seat was taken by England fans. and he had to find another place instead.

    A UEFA statement said: “Disciplinary proceedings have been opened following the Euro 2020 finals. Between the Italy and England national teams, played on 11 July at Wembley Stadium, London.”

    “The allegations against the English Football Association are

    – Invasion of the stadium by fans, Article 16(2)(a) of the UEFA Rules.

    – Fans throw objects, Section 16(2)(b).

    – Disturbances from football fans during the Italian national anthem, Article 16 (2)(g)

    – Fireworks

    “These charges will be dealt with by UEFA. at the right time”

    Britain has also been charged with booing the Danish national anthem. in the playoffs And despite being asked by both Gareth Southgate and Gary Lineker, fans booed the Italian national anthem as well.

    “Separately, and according to Article 31(4), an ethics auditor has been appointed. The discipline of UEFA to conduct a disciplinary investigation in an incident involving a football fan. Which happens within and around the field.”