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Is it true that using public restrooms risks contracting HPV

Is it true that using public restrooms risks contracting HPV. Which causes cervical cancer?

Trends on social media say that is the cause of cervical cancer. Can be caught through going to a public restroom. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

HPV has actually been found in public restrooms. But the chance of infection is low.

     It is true that We can find on toilet seats, flush buttons, and bathroom door locks. But there is a chance that the HPV virus will enter the body through touching these things. This is very unlikely because the carcinogenicity virus is often related to infection inside the vagina rather than infection only through external contact.

     However, although it is relatively safe from in public restrooms, Well, don’t trust it yet. Because there may still be other germs that can be contracted through contact with those germs, such as warts or certain types of skin diseases. It is best to wash your hands thoroughly before and after using a public restroom every time. and close the toilet seat when flushing the toilet It will help you save yourself more.

     Hopefully many people will no longer be suspicious of public restrooms as a cause infection. But the HPV virus is still a bad virus. It is an important cause of cervical cancer. You should be very careful. Most of the time, it is usually contracted through sexual intercourse.

     Methods for preventing cervical cancer in the first place that have been proven to be effective. This is to get vaccinated against virus and have regular internal exams as recommended by your doctor. To reduce the risk of cervical cancer, or if found, it can be found early in the pre-cancer stage. which the cure will be very possible.

True or not? Go to a public restroom Risk of infection with “HPV”, the cause of cervical cancer

HPV can be found everywhere. Therefore, going to a public restroom may include HPV, such as door locks, faucets, and toilet flush buttons. However, HPV infection requires contact, friction, or sexual intercourse. The virus enters our body through sitting on the toilet. It’s almost impossible. Because the virus cannot enter deep into the vagina. Just the dangers that may occur, such as the risk of warts. or other skin diseases So I don’t want everyone to be worried that if they go to a public restroom they will become infected with the HPV virus. Prevention when using public restrooms can be done by washing your hands thoroughly before and after using the restroom every time. To reduce the amount of germs that may be on your hands without knowing.

Cervical cancer is a serious danger….that can be prevented.

This is despite the fact that cervical cancer It will be the leading cause of death. of Thai women But preventing this type of cancer is not difficult. Because we all know the cause of this type of cancer. It is caused by the HPV virus, which is a virus that can be transmitted sexually. The prevention of cervical cancer In principle, it is a screening test to detect abnormalities in the cervix. or test for the HPV virus The main cause of cervical cancer To provide treatment before it becomes cervical cancer or vaccinated against it together