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Italy hits on penalties Spain 4-2 Euro final

Competitive soccer Euro 2020 semi-final between  Italy hits on penalties, Spain 4-2, Euro final. The opening game only. Just 4 minutes, Italy got a chance to win first, Emerson immediately cut the defensive line for Nicolo Barella to slip into the spin with the right ball hitting the pole. However, at this time, the referee blew the ball offside

 Italy hits on penalties Spain 4-2 Euro final

in the 13th minute, Spain countered , Pedri brought the ball up before passing through the channel for Miguel Oyarzabal. But the referee didn’t catch the ball well and missed the chance to finish the score. unfortunately

In the 25th minute, “Fierce Bull” got into a scary game, Pedry got the ball in the penalty area before opening into the middle for Dani Olmo to hit the line to get the ball rebounded into the way, pressed again with the right, still hit Gianluigi. Donnarumma brushed aside in

the 45th minute, “Azzurri” almost the same, Lorenzo Insigne dragged into the penalty area before flowing to the left for Emerson to fall into the press as well. Left the ball to wipe the crossbar behind. The end of the first half is still tied 0-0.

Return to play in the second half. 53rd minute. Spain up the game on the righ

t. Miguel Oyarzabal pulled up on the edge of the line before passing into the middle for Sergio Busquets. Spinning with the right in front of the penalty area, gliding over the beam a little.

A minute later, Italy countered quickly, Lorenzo Insigne took the ball up front before passing it to Nicolo Barella, flowing out to the right, Federico Chiesa shot from the right in the area, but Unai. Simon fell to the receiver in

the 60th minute, “Azzurri” countered again, Donnarumma threw the ball for Insigne to open the long front for Ciro Immobile, the Spanish defensive line blocked it. The Federico Chiesa locked and spun with the right ball into the window, decisively. Italy led 1-0

in the 80th minute, “Fierce Bull” did not give up easily, Alvaro Morata, a backup that was sent onto the field to drag. Came into the penalty area before bouncing with Dani Olmo, slipping into the shot with the left of the net, Spain equalized 1-1

The remaining 90 minutes were no further goals and the two teams were still tied at 1-1, requiring 30 minutes of extra time to find the winner through to the final.

Extra time in the 102nd minute, Spain almost got the goal. Gerard Moreno opened the box high into the penalty area. Gianluigi Donnarumma came out to punch the ball badly into the direction of Marcos Llorente to fire again. But still blocking the defensive line that follows the extraction

110 minutes, Italy has some hope. Giorgio Chiellini put a long ball from the defensive line up front. Domenico Berardi has fallen to shoot the net. But the referee did not give the goal because the referee stood in the offside position before, after

120 minutes, neither side could score a goal again, so it had to be decided with a penalty shootout and it was Italy who did better than winning 4-2 through.