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“Paqueta” another hero! Brazil beat Peru

“Paqueta” another hero! Brazil beat Peru 1-0 to reach the Copa America final. Competitive soccer championship of South American Nations 47th or the Copa America 2021 Finals first couple’s Stadio Olimpico Sunil T. Santos hosted the Brazilian national team down the field to meet with the Peruvian national team.

mate. This was already met in the group stage and it was Brazil that collapsed 4-0. In this game, Brazil changed 2 offensive lines from the previous match instead of Roberto Firmino and Gabriel Jesus, who received a red card for Lu. Cas Paqueta and Everton came on to start instead. The injured body that is missing is only Felipe,

the Peruvian side does not have Andre Carrillo, who received a red card from the previous match as well. The rest have no problem opting for the best outfit and opting for a 5-person back panel.

The only goal of this game is the host. Happened in the 35th minute from the moment that Neymar dragged the ball to the left side of the frame before squinting several strokes and touching the defender’s leg before reaching the end of the line and slapping it back for Paqueta to hit with the left in the middle of the door into the net